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Why the Algarve is booming today:
The Algarve has been the favorite holiday destination of many Europeans for decades.
The images of sun-drenched beaches, romantic bays and white-painted houses: who does not know them? Anyone who has not yet seen all this with their own eyes will undoubtedly know it from the photos of friends and acquaintances or from travel guides.

What is it that makes the region attractive?
Besides the long beaches, the sun shining 300 days a year, the nature parks and the cities where ancient and modern culture merge, there are low prices, culinary pleasures and golf resorts. But above all: the residents who excel in hospitality.

Why the Algare is extra popular today?
For about ten years now, the number of foreigners permanently settling here has been rising very rapidly, while the tourist flow continues to swell.

One of the reasons is the friendly atmosphere. No tensions between population groups here, no corona riots and no paralyzing polarization. The conservative (directly) elected president moves side by side with the progressive prime minister and trust in the government is high. Even before the government made a mask mandatory, everyone was already wearing it.

Last but not least: the government has also made it financially very attractive for foreigners to settle here; they don't have to pay taxes for the first five years, and relatively little in the following years. 

Investors follow:
It should come as no surprise: investors are closely following these trends. Because if the Algarve becomes extra popular, that also means: new growth opportunities. Especially now that the possibilities to invest in real estate in the Netherlands are being restricted and new rules are being introduced at a rapid pace.

Of the advantages already mentioned, two stand out.
One: the space. Where other tourist resorts proliferate with space, you can literally go in all directions in the Algarve.
Two: the attractive tax climate. Investors are encouraged by the government in various ways to invest in real estate projects.

Long story short: You can safely invest in homes, villas and apartments with a guaranteed return of up to 5% per year, where you then have the option to use this property yourself for part of the year.

Looking for your dream home together?

As idyllic as houses in the Algarve are looking, it can be so complicated to find your house and buy it for the right price, because there is a lot to consider, such as knowledge of the market and regulations, local customs and the costs of any renovation or refurbishment.

Are you looking for a ruin, a fixer-upper or a luxury apartment or villa? Do you like to settle in a quiet region or rather in a touristic one? Close to the sea and beach or high in the mountains? If you let me know, we can find your dream home together.

Because I work with the worldwide operating real estate agency Keller Williams, I have access to the entire range of homes in the Algarve. Thanks to this commitment, I am also assured of an extensive network of renowned partners, experts, notaries, contractors and local authorities. That is why I am able to guide you through the negotiation and purchase process. If you like, I'll take care of everything for you; You can dream, and I'll make it come true.

How can I help?

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